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Beauty. It’s so…..adaptable. “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” yeah, I agree with that. To an extent. For some reason, we have all been brainwashed to think beauty is only in one way, and  everything else is ugly.

So what’s today’s definition of beauty?

Well. You have to be tall. But not too tall. Skinny. But not anorexic. Wear makeup. But not too much makeup, you still need to look “natural” whatever that means. Be “sexy” but not a hooker. Wear tight fitting, revealing clothes without actually revealing everything. Have perfect hair that is just the right length. white teeth, but make sure they aren’t too glaringly white. Tan, but not fake tan. Perfect face. Perfect hair. Perfect style. Perfect body.

How are we as girls suppose to keep up with all this perfect?

Well, let me just start off by saying that we are all sinners, so none of us can be perfect. Next, I’d like to say WHO CARES about your appearance? You? The world? That dumb guy who only wants your body, not the person that goes with it?

No. Perfection isn’t what we should strive for.

As a teenage girl living in this generation, may I just say I am FED UP with all the media telling me how to look. “wear this. Do this hairstyle. This makeup is prettier” how do they know what I like, what my personal standards are? Thing is, they don’t. They don’t take me into consideration at all. They just want more girls wanting to look so much like the photoshopped Victorias secret models that they buy everything they can get their hands on. Beauty isn’t a good thing. Beauty is a scam. At least, the worlds perception of beauty is. That’s because we don’t see the real beauty, Gods grace. We make everything about us. “I NEED that new skirt!” “all the other girls have that!” “please let me get my hair cut like Jennifer Lawrence!”. As if those things will matter in the long run.

Why can’t we just accept who we are and move on?

Short. Tall. Skinny. Fat. Pretty. Ugly. All these words have been fabricated to make girls feel worthless. They’re just a part of the Beauty scam. In reality, you were handcrafted by a glorious being, who has seen everything considered beautiful in the world, and thinks you’re even better than that. It may sound cliche, but THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE MADE YOU. how can you discredit him by calling yourself ugly!? (I’m not saying I’m not guilty of this too, simply wondering why we do it)


He made you the way you are on purpose. He thinks you are the most gorgeous thing he’s every laid eyes on. it doesn’t matter if you’re 50 pounds or 500. He made you that way. He loves you that way. And he has a special plan for you, that only you, in your imperfect body, can fulfill. And admit it, you know that even the VS models doubt their beauty sometimes. Quit doubting your beautiful existence.

Go out there and be confident.